Friday, 26 July 2013

Building An Online Relationship

As statistics show us that it takes about 7 follow up emails before the average sale is made through auto responder interaction with your mailing list subscribers, it goes to show that people tend to hold back their wallets most of the time until they have established an online relationship with you.

Just like getting the initial sale online is a venture into the art of building on-line relationships so is the customer service or after sales service as well. Follow up and overdelivery is especially important when it comes to your online customer, or potential customer. There are numerous ways for your business to interact with your customer or website visitor, thus building on-line relationships.

Most businesses online make use of an auto responder because this keeps a mailing list database of people grouped together making it possible for easy contact and follow up. Once your web forms are online and ready your visitors can sign up and get direct-response follow-up messages emailed to them that address their specified needs.

It is easy to set up and once the setup is completed it takes a lot off your hands when it comes to the work of interacting with prospects or following up on customers with after sales service. Providing informative emails rather than constant hard selling will go a long way towards building trust and credibility with your leads. Running a blog is another interactive way of keeping in touch with your customers. You will be giving more information and your customers can comment and ask questions related to the post.

When signing up for a web host from which to run your online business make sure you get a range of helpful scripts for customer interaction. This would include customer support systems, discussion boards, e-commerce platforms, image galleries, polls and surveys and indeed blogs. Irene Blackett